Beating Crista that night in the Health Club set Sancha blood boiling for more fights. Marco tried his best to get her a match, but none of the clubs he contacted would take the risk of using her while she was under a police ban. So Marco and Sancha decided to take a different path. They determined to abduct a young woman for Sancha to beat!

Through his underworld contacts Marco got hold of some illegal narcotic drugs that could be used to dope the victim and eradicate her memory. He also enlisted the assistance of Franco, one of past associates in crime to help with the plan.

It was now June and Ibiza was busy with lots of young holidaymakers who filled the clubs and bars from early evening until the small hours of the morning. Franco was given the task of getting the victim. He wandered round the clubs and bars looking for a young unattached woman who could be taken without alerting friends or family. After a few nights Franco met a young Danish woman called Hella who fitted the bill perfectly. She was holidaying alone and staying at a small pension in the outskirts of San Antonia.

Franco spent the whole night chatting up Hella and plying her with drinks. He kept looking for opportunities to drug her drink, but unfortunately for Franco she mainly drank coke, so she stayed sober and alert. At last Hella went to the washrooms just after midnight and immediately Franco slipped a tablet of a powerful fast-acting narcotic drug into her drink. He then quickly rang Marco on the mobile to tell him to get ready.

Hella came back, "Come on Franco let's dance again!" she urged

"Great, but let's go to the Silver Skins Club just down the street. I know the DJ there and the music is better than here."

"OK by me!" said Hella picking up her coke and drinking it down in one swift gulp. She banged the glass down on the table and said "Lead the way, amigo!"

By the time they got 100 yards down the street Hella started to say she was feeling ill. Franco had judged it perfectly; he helped her into a side-street where a small van was standing. Hella was on the point of collapsing when the tail doors of the van opened and she was immediately pulled inside. It had taken only a few seconds to achieve and people passing did even seem to have noticed what had happened.

Marco drove the van the few miles to their villa in the hills above San Antonia, while Sancha looked after Hella in the back. When they got to the villa, Marco and Sancha carried Hella out of the van into the house and through to their gymnasium. They laid her on the wooden floor and stripped off all her clothes. Marco now pulled off the tee shirt he was wearing and pulled a black mask over his head to disguise his features. Sancha meanwhile blacked her face so that she would also be hard to identify.

Sancha now injected Hella with a swift acting stimulant to act as an antidote to the narcotic Franco had given her in the club. Almost immediately the girl started to come round. The twins pulled her to her feet while she was still half-conscious and lashed her wrists to the chain that normally supported the gym's punchbag. Once they had firmly tied her to the chain, Marco operated the motor that adjusted the height of the chain and Hella was lifted into the air. Then, while Hella was still recovering her senses, Sancha lashed her ankles together.

Sancha stepped back to survey their captive. "Excellent! A living punchbag!" she exclaimed.

Marco and Sancha waited a few minutes for Hella to gather her senses. "What are you doing to me?" asked Hella pleadingly as she took in her situation.

"We thought you looked a bit soft, so we're going to toughen up those tummy muscles of yours!" laughed Sancha.

"Hold her M!" said Sancha firmly

Marco held Hella's hips in his black gloved hands and then Sancha rammed her left elbow hard into the base of Hella's belly.

"Oh, holy shit!" screamed Hella as Sancha's elbow slammed her abdominal muscles inwards into her vitals.

Sancha now rhythmically battered poor Hella for several minutes driving punch after punch into her abdomen until eventually the hapless girl fainted.

"Bah, useless!" complained Sancha as Hella's head fell forward in the faint.

"Can't even take a few mild belly blows!"

"Didn't seem that mild to me!" exclaimed Marco. "Come on, let's untie her and take her back to town!

Sancha went and got another syringe, this time loaded with a long acting narcotic that has the property of eradicating the short memory for the previous 6 hours. Hella was just starting to come round when Sancha injected the drug into her arm.

"Sweet dreams pussy!" said Sancha as Hella again fell into unconsciousness.

Marco and Sancha dressed the girl again and then drove her in the van to the town, where they left her to sleep off the effect of the drug under a hedge at the top of the white sandy beach.

Sancha was not at all happy with her experience with Hella. She said that the girl had fainted before she had even worked up a sweat. Despite this, two weeks later they used the same routine to abduct a Belgian woman who was staying in Ibiza Town. This time the twins lashed her to the uneven bars in their gym and Sancha proceeded to lay into her stretched belly muscles. This girl took the punches better than Hella, but still she passed out before Sancha had really started getting into her stride.

After this Sancha became more desperate for some action. She wasn't getting the satisfaction she had hoped out of the women they were abducting. Then everything changed!

Out of the blue a letter came from one of the wrestling club's that Marco had contacted in trying to get Sancha a fight. The club said it was organising a private international wrestling tournament on an estate on the neighbouring Island of Majorca and they were hoping that Sancha would be able to take part. The letter made the following offer:

"The event will start on Monday 12th July 1999 and end on Sunday the 18th July. Sancha Peres has been selected to fight Leeha Guona from Algeria. Ms Guona is 42 years of age, 5' 8" and weighs 173 lb. The combatants will fight each day for 6 days Monday through to Saturday. A single pin, submission or knockout will decide each match. Points will be awarded for each match on the basis of 2 points for a pin or submission and 10 points for a knockout. An overall winner of the matches will be declared at the end of the 6th fight, and she will go forward to fight in the Tournament Championships on final day Sunday. If the combatants are equal at the end of the 6th fight a "sudden death" match will be fought to determine the winner. Each fighter will be awarded $1000 for each fight. The winner at the end of the 6th day will receive an additional $10,000 and the tournament champion will win $50,000.

Could you let us know as soon as possible if you accept this offer to fight in this event."

Without a moment's hesitation Sancha decided that she had to take up the offer.

Marco however was more cautious. "Shit Sancha, she has nearly a 20 lb advantage. She sounds real mean!"

"Oh fuck Marco, she's 43 years of age. I'm 15 years younger and I am bound to be faster with her carrying all that weight. I bet it is all fat!"

So on the 12th July Sancha and Marco flew over to Majorca in their own private plane and arrived at the venue just an hour before Sancha was due for her first fight. They were shown to their apartment by one of the organisers, who asked them to be in the arena in just 30 minutes time. The match was to be fought topless and Sancha had decided to wear her meshed skin-tight pants. Sancha had a quick shower to wash off the sweat of the journey and then put on the pants. She just had time for a few warm-up exercises before she and Marco had to leave for the auditorium.

When the twins got to the auditorium Marco was invited to take his seat, while Sancha had to wait outside until she was called. Marco kissed her and wished her good luck them went into the darkened auditorium to take his seat. Some 30 seconds later Sancha was told to walk to the red corner of the ring which was dimly lit in the middle of the large auditorium.

The light was terribly low when Sancha took up her place, there was really only just enough illumination to climb through the ropes and identify the red post. She could see Leeha getting into the ring on the other side, but the lights were too low to really make out her details. Sancha and Leeha stood still for about 10 seconds in the half-light until a voice boomed out.

"Gentlemen. This is the 5th match of the day and it features, in the blue corner Leeha Guona, 5' 8" 173 lb of Algeria.."

Immediately her name was spoken the blue corner of the ring was flooded with light revealing the Algerian wrestler in the full light of day, so to speak. There was an audible gasp from the audience as they saw for the first time the imposing size and shape of Leeha.

"Jesus Christ!" thought Sancha as she looked at her opponent. She was big, and it didn't look as if it was all fat, there was a lot of muscle on the woman. She looked really mean and strong. Sancha gulped, "Shit!" she thought, "perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all!

"......and Sancha Peres, 5' 9" 145 lb of Spain!"

Sancha blinked as the lights blazed into her corner of the ring temporarily blinding her. The crowd's reaction was much more muted to her appearance than for the Algerian.

"Ladies at the bell you will come out fighting. One pin, one submission or a knockout to a count of 20 to determine the winner."

The bell rang out a few seconds later and Sancha went out into the centre of the ring and squared up to her imposing rival. They both raised their hands and within a second they were locked in a test of strength hold. For 20 seconds or so Sancha and Leeha battled for the advantage in this opening move. Sancha felt her confidence rise as she realised that she was at least as strong as Leeha. Indeed as the seconds ticked by Sancha could feel Leeha's hands beginning to bend back - she was beginning to get the upper hand!

Suddenly Leeha whipped her hands down breaking the hold. At the same time she bent forward and grabbed Sancha round the waist and lifted her off the ground. Sancha immediately locked her right arm round the Algerian's head in a tight headlock. But it didn't seem to effect the bull of a woman who tightened the hold on Sancha's waist and lifted her higher into the air.

The next thing Sancha knew Leeha was charging across the ring like a bull elephant with her held in front like a battering ram.

Sancha's back hit the red post with an incredible force that made the whole ring bounce and shudder. The wind was driven completely out of Sancha's lung so that for a second it was impossible to breathe or think. Leeha pressed Sancha hard against the post with her shoulder for several seconds, then she lifted her up and backed away from the post a few steps before repeating the whole move with, if anything, even more force.

Sancha was totally stunned and winded by these two huge body slams, so once Leeha released her hold on her waist the Spanish wrestler remained slumped in the corner with her arms draped over the top rope. Sancha could vaguely hear the audience calling her to get off the ropes, but her body did not seem to be obeying to her commands.

The Algerian now moved in and pumped two huge underarm punches into Sancha's belly. First a left punch and then a right went thundering into the Spanish girl's belly button. Sancha had had a split second to tense her abdominal muscles, which probably saved her from severe injury. Even so the force of the blows slammed her butt hard against the post and her guts took a terrible hammering from Leeha's fists.

Sancha remained slumped against the post as Leeha withdrew her fist from her guts and then stepped backwards. The Spanish girl's breath came in ragged gulps as she fought to refill her empty lungs. Almost totally paralysed with pain and shock, Sancha could not muster any defence as Leeha grabbed her left arm and dragged her off the ropes out into the centre of the ring. The Algerian circled behind Sancha as she staggered drunkenly. Then she grabbed Sancha's neck in her left hand and thrust her right hand deep into the cleft of her butt. In one clean lift Leeha heaved Sancha up into the air until she held her at full stretch above her head. The audience spontaneously applauded the Algerian for the seemingly effortless way she lifted all 145 lb of Sancha's bulk above her head.

Marco cried in horror as he saw his twin sister being hoisted into the air as if she were a rag doll. His despair was made worse by the crowd that surrounded him who were all calling on Leeha to "finish her off".

Leeha paraded Sancha round the ring for several tens of seconds, displaying her immense strength and endurance to the audience. After what seemed an age, she hurled Sancha forward so that the Spanish girl plummeted towards the canvas with her arms and legs spread wide. Actually Leeha had done Sancha a favour by holding her aloft and delaying the drop to the canvas. It allowed Sancha to regain some of her senses, so at least she was able to react when eventually the Algerian decided to throw her to the mat.

Sancha hit the canvas with an enormous crash that shook the whole structure of the ring. The force of the landing was such that she bounced back into the air slightly before coming to rest spreadeagled on the canvas. Leeha raised her arms in triumph above Sancha's unmoving body as the count started.

"One, Two, Three, Four..."

The audience went wild screaming at Sancha to get back on her feet to continue the fight.


Suddenly Sancha started to stir and raised her head groggily off the canvas. This was sufficient under the rules of this tournament to stop the count. Hearing the count stop the Algerian immediately leapt into the air towards her hapless opponent and came crashing down across her body like a falling tree.

Sancha's whole body seemed to fly apart as all 173 lb. of Leeha's bulk slammed down onto her torso. Once again the whole structure of the ring bounced and shuddered as if it had been hit by a truck. Sancha lay unmoving under Leeha's chest, clearly knocked out by the impact of Leeha's body splash. However, the Algerian didn't seem to be willing to risk getting off her opponent and going for the count. Instead she pressed Sancha's arms to the canvas in a classic cross body pin and, as if that wasn't enough to hold the girl down, she pulled Sancha's left thigh up to stop her from body-bridging off the mat.

Sancha lay immobile beneath Leeha as the announcer counted out the pin. "One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Pin to Ms Guona!"

Leeha held the pin long after the count had stopped almost as if she hadn't realised that she had won the match. All the time Sancha groaned softly in her comatose state.

At last Leeha seemed to understand that she got the pin and she raised herself off Sancha's prostrate body into a kneeling position. Then she raised her arms upward in a dramatic gesture as if she were giving thanks to some higher power for her victory. Finally, prompted by a ringside official she got to her feet and raised her arms in triumph over her fallen opponent.

The announcer voice rang out, "Ms Guona is declared the winner of the first match by a pin and is awarded 2 points. Tomorrow's match between Ms Guona and Ms Peres will be fought at 20:00."

Leeha stepped out of the ring seemingly unconcerned at the state of Sancha who still lay unmoving on the mat. The medical team and Marco both arrived at the ring at the same time to tend to Sancha. Marco was relieved to see that his sister was already regaining consciousness and the medics soon established that no bones were broken.

As Sancha was helped to her feet to leave the ring Marco remarked "Well there's no way you're fighting that monster tomorrow Sancha!"

"Oh let's talk about it tomorrow morning Marco, after I've had the night to recover." she gasped.