Sancha and Marco entered the auditorium at 7:55 on the evening of Tuesday 13th July 1999 for Sancha's second fight against Leeha, the heavyweight Algerian wrestler. They had argued long and hard about whether Sancha should continue to fight in the match against her Algerian opponent. The Algerian had convincingly won the first bout on the previous day by a cross body pin. Sancha had taken considerable punishment in the fight and Marco had pleaded with her to withdraw because he was afraid that she would be seriously injured if she continued. Despite her brother's pleas, Sancha had decided to press on with the match and to take on Leeha for a second time in the ring tonight.

Sancha and Leeha stepped into the ring at precisely 8 o'clock. The announcement rang out "Gentlemen, this is the second bout between Leeha Guona from Algeria in the blue corner and Sancha Peres from Spain in the red corner. Ms Guona leads the match by 2 points to nil having won the first bout by a pin fall."

"Ladies, the fight begins at the bell."

Almost immediately the bell rang out and the two women left their corners and closed on one another in the centre of the ring. For about a minute they dodged and ducked around the centre of the ring with neither of the women apparently willing to make the opening move. Then Sancha took the initiative by bending down low and powering forward to slam her right shoulder into Leeha's abdomen. The move surprised the Algerian who bellowed loudly as the Spaniard's shoulder thudded into her meaty belly.

Leeha staggered back a step with the force of the impact, but otherwise kept her balance. For a couple of seconds the two women wrestled in silence in the middle of the ring; Sancha pushing hard against Leeha's abdomen to try and drive her back into the ropes and Leeha standing firm in opposing her. Then suddenly Leeha appeared to give a little, but as she moved backward she powered her right knee upward into Sancha's chest. The deep sonorous thwack of the blow reverberated round the auditorium mingling with the guttural cry of pain from Sancha.

Leeha now bent forward and locked her arms round the Spanish girl's waist. In one smooth and exquisitely executed moved she lift Sancha and flipped her head over heels into a backbreaker hold across her right shoulder.

The Algerian moved back into the centre of the ring with the Spanish girl bent agonisingly across her shoulder. Sancha moaned softly as Leeha walked her around the ring as she were some prize she had won in a contest. After some tens of seconds of this punishment the Algerian started to rhythmically bend her knees bouncing the Spaniard so that her spine flexed to its very limits.

"Oh Jesus GOD!" cried Sancha in pure despair as her body screamed at her in agony.

"I give you to God!" said Leeha, uttering the first words she had spoken in the match.

Then Leeha dropped to left knee at the same time she jerked her right shoulder round to send Sancha somersaulting forward. Sancha dropped onto Leeha's rock solid right thigh in a full impact belly buster. Her lower abdomen hit Leeha's leg with an awful gristly thump that caused the audience to utter a loud "oooph" of horror. Sancha's let out a long howl of pain as her body folded across Leeha's thigh like a deflating balloon.

Leeha left Sancha crumpled across her knee as she smiled broadly and then raised her arms in triumph like a bull fighter who has just side stepped a charging beast. She held the pose for several seconds while numerous flashlamps went off as members of the audience recorded this terrific move.

Laughing wickedly, Leeha now grabbed a handful of Sancha's hair and lifted her head as if she were displaying her fallen victim to the crowd. Sancha was still totally winded and gasping for breath as Leeha pulled her head upward bending again her already tortured spine.

The Algerian now held Sancha's head with her left hand and brought her right arm round Sancha's neck in a vicious choke hold. Sancha grunted as the Algerian tightened the choke, bending her body further backward.

Leeha held Sancha firmly in the choke-hold for 10 to 15 seconds causing the Spanish girl to gasp painfully for breath. Then she clamped her left hand onto Sancha's jaw and squeezed hard on the Spaniard's face. Sancha let out a long low moan as the Algerian crushed her neck and jaw in this cruel combination of holds.

Sancha, barely able to breathe and in considerable pain, was beginning to lose consciousness as the Algerian started to whisper softly into her left ear. For a few seconds Sancha thought she was speaking to her in Arabic, which she couldn't understand, but then through her pain clouded mind she realised that she was speaking to her in French.

" gave her no chance, so I take revenge for her now, You Bitch!"

With that Leeha released her hold on Sancha's neck and face as she pushed her off her thigh. The Spanish girl tumbled off her opponent's knee and fell onto her back on the canvas with a loud thud. As Sancha gasped to refill her tortured lungs, Leeha got to feet with a self-satisfied smile on her face.

The Algerian stood astride her stricken opponent like a colossus and raised her arms as if she were about to launch herself from the top of a diving board. Then without warning she hopped into the air lifting her legs up horizontally and plummeted down onto Sancha's abdomen. All 173 lb of Leeha's substantial frame crashed down onto Sancha's pelvis and belly with an awful "scrunch" sound. The whole of Sancha's body seemed to buckle and bend with the force of the impact as if she been hit by a car.

The Algerian sat on Sancha's abdomen for a few seconds as the Spaniard croaked and gasped for breath. Then Leeha leant back and grabbed each of Sancha's legs and tucked then under her armpits to put Sancha in a folding body press. Now she bounced forward onto the Spaniard's chest and spread her legs on top of Sancha's arms so that she had her well and truly pinned to the canvas.

Sancha gave out a huge sigh as the mass of her opponent drove the air out on her chest. Leeha looked down impassively at her victim as she desperately struggled to get some oxygen into her lungs.

The announcer started to count the pin, "One, Two, Three, Four, Five!"

Sancha was not able to move a muscle as she was counted out to the pin fall.

"Ms Guona wins the bout by a pin fall." declared the announcer.

"Ms Guona now leads by two matches to nil and by 4 points to nil"

For several seconds Leeha remained seated on Sancha's chest with her arms raised in the air as the crowd loudly applauded her victory. Marco, who was stood at the back of the auditorium, dashed forward to the ring to get the Algerian off his sister's chest before she suffered a serious collapse. As Marco got to the ringside the Algerian lifted herself off Sancha and stepped out of the ring without even a backward glance.

Five minutes later Marco was helping his sister out of the auditorium and wondering if Sancha would still want to fight in the third day of the tournament.