It was day three of the private wrestling Tournament and a hot and sultry evening on the island of Majorca. Inside the air-conditioned auditorium the audience waited eagerly for the next bout between the heavyweight Algerian wrestler Leeha and her Spanish opponent Sancha.

Marco, Sancha's twin brother, had tried in vain to persuade Sancha to withdraw from the contest. She had already been severely beaten by the Algerian in the first two bouts of the tournament and it was a miracle that she hadn't sustained a serious injury. Despite Marco's pleas Sancha was determined to press on with the competition. So at 8 o'clock precisely Sancha and Leeha left their corners of the ring to engage in combat for the third time.

The two women dodged and manoeuvred around each other athletically for several minutes. Sancha was clearly trying to keep out of the Algerian's grasp while looking for opportunities to deliver some "hit and run" damage. After a few minutes it looked as if this tactic was paying off. Sancha was managing to strike some nice meaty blows into Leeha's body and this was clearly irritating and worrying the bigger woman.

After perhaps 5 minutes Sancha saw an opening in Leeha's defences and powered a hard straight kick into the side of her right knee joint. The Algerian let out a loud cry as her knee gave way under the force of Sancha's kick and she crashed down onto her back on the canvas. Immediately Sancha grabbed the Algerian's ankles, spread her legs wide apart and then drove her left knee down into Leeha's crotch. The Algerian bellowed out in pain as the Spaniard's knee slammed down into her crotch, pulverising and crushing her sex organs.

Sancha now grabbed Leeha's right ankle in both hands and viciously pulled the Algerian's leg back across her body stretching and tearing the muscles of her thigh and buttocks. Leeha grunted in pain as Sancha pushed down on her right leg stretching her sinews and muscles to their very limit.

Sancha pressed on with her attack. She released her hold on Leeha's leg and then dropped down on her rival, driving her right elbow deep into the Algerian's substantial belly. Leeha howled in pain as the Spaniard's elbow punched through her abdominal muscles like a hot knife through butter.

Sancha was on a roll now, at last she was getting the better of her bigger opponent and the audience was showing their support with loud cheers of encouragement. While Leeha was still winded from the elbow in the guts, Sancha grabbed her ankles and rolled her over onto her face. She crossed the Algerian's legs one over the other and put her in a fearsome double leglock. Now Sancha sat on Leeha's back and pulled hard on the Algerian's right foot to put her right knee joint under enormous strain. At the same time Sancha used her own right foot to push Leeha's left leg hard into the crook of the leglock.

The Algerian growled in pain as Sancha heaved back on her right leg threatening to bust the sinews in her knee joint. Just when it looked as if Sancha was going get a submission, the Algerian made an unexpected move. She twisted her body round to her right and grabbed Sancha's left leg and pulled it sideways unbalancing the Spanish fighter.

Sancha released her hold on Leeha's leg and tried to make a grab for her head, but this failed and it was clear that she was losing control of the situation. So wisely Sancha rolled off Leeha's back before the powerful Algerian could get a hold on her.

Within a few seconds both wrestlers were on their feet and facing each other again in the middle of the ring. Sancha now tried the same tactic of kicking out at her opponent as she had used earlier. This time she leapt into the air and aimed a nasty straight-legged kick at Leeha's abdomen. Unfortunately for the Spanish girl the Algerian had anticipated this move. As Sancha's foot streaked towards her belly Leeha dodged sideways and flexed her body to allow Sancha's foot to flash harmlessly passed.

Sancha managed to land on her feet, but she was still badly off balance. As Sancha stumbled trying to regain her balance Leeha grabbed her by the hair and swung her round in the centre of the ring. The Algerian's right leg then flashed out in a fully extended kick that sent her foot flying up between Sancha's legs to smack into her crotch with a loud meaty crunch. The Spanish girl let out a loud wail as the pain of Leeha's kick exploded through her pelvis.

Still keeping her hold on Sancha's hair, Leeha now dug her right knee into the small of Spaniard's back and then threw herself backward onto her back on the canvas. Sancha yelled as her spine was almost snapped in two by this horrific backbreaking move.

The Algerian held the Spanish girl pivoted on her knee as she wrapped her arm round her chin and pulled her head back in a painful chinlock. She held Sancha in this position for several seconds allowing the pain to mount until tears appeared in her eyes. Then the Algerian kicked her right leg upwards and bucked her body backward to send Sancha cartwheeling over her head.

Sancha tumbled through the air to crash land on her face at the edge of the ring with her legs resting on the ropes. The Spanish girl was badly winded by the fall and lay still on her stomach gasping for breath as the Algerian got to her feet and bounded across to her. Leeha squatted down above Sancha, grabbed a handful of her hair and viciously pulled her head back. Then she sat down on the Spanish girl's back, wrapped her arm around her chin and pulled her head and neck upward in a back bending chinlock.

The Algerian now really turned up the heat on Sancha, mercilessly bending her head and neck back and crushing her jaw in the crook of her elbow. At the same time Leeha grabbed hold of Sancha's right wrist and levered her arm down over her right thigh threatening to dislocate the Spaniard's shoulder joint.

"Submit!" called the Algerian looking down on Sancha's face.

"No!" replied the Spanish girl through pain gritted teeth.

"Submit!" repeated Leeha tightening the lock on Sancha's chin so that audible cracking sounds can from sinews of her jaw.

"No!" grunted Sancha through the agony of the hold.

Leeha held the Spaniard in the cruel chinlock for a couple of minutes stretching her body seemingly to breaking point. But despite the pain she was obviously suffering, Sancha refused to submit.

Suddenly Leeha released her holds on Sancha's chin and arm allowing the Spaniard's torso to drop onto the canvas. Then the Algerian got up off Sancha's back and grabbed hold of the hapless girl by the hair and dragged her away from the ropes into the centre of the ring. She picked up Sancha's feet and placed them inside her legs and then stepped onto the backs of Sancha's legs just above the knees. Now she leant forward and grabbed Sancha's wrists, and then pulled backward lifting the Spanish wrestler's chest up off the canvas.

"Oh Shit!" cried Sancha as Leeha heaved backwards bending her body like a willow branch and levering her further off the canvas.

Leeha succeeded in lifting Sancha almost completely off the canvas, but then the momentum of her pull ran out and they rolled back so that Sancha was once again pressed face down on the mat.

Then the Algerian took a deep breath and threw herself backward a second time. This time she succeeded in lifting Sancha clear of the mat so that her body was held vertical.

"Oh God!" cried Sancha as the strain of the Romero hold really started to bite into her muscles and tendons.

"Your God not help you!" said Leeha in French as she hauled backwards on Sancha's arms to lift her up into the air.

Sancha screamed as her body was hoisted high into the air and mercilessly bent by her opponent's superbly executed Romero hold.

"Jesus, Jesus!" cried Sancha as the Algerian flexed her arms and legs to increase the stress on Sancha's frame.

For seconds on end the Algerian held the Spanish girl aloft as she whimpered and cried out in agony.

"Submit!" demanded Leeha.
No answer from Sancha.
"Submit Bitch!"
"Ooooohhh" replied Sancha
"Submit!" called Leeha.
"Oh Jesus God!"
"I Submit!" croaked Sancha.

The Algerian continued to hold Sancha in the Romero hold for several seconds after her submission as if she hadn't heard the Spanish girl submit.

"I submit, I submit, I submit!" croaked Sancha as the pain grew to a level beyond endurance.

The Algerian now released her grip on the Spaniard's wrists and pushed her legs forward to throw the defeated girl out of the hold. Sancha was catapulted forward towards the edge of the ring making no attempt to break her fall.

The Spaniard crashed down into the ropes, her head hitting the top rope while her breasts hit the middle rope smack the nipples. She rebounded off the ropes to fall flat on her back on the canvas with her arms and legs spread akimbo seemingly unconscious.

The Algerian strode across to her defeated rival and proudly placed her left foot in the centre of her chest and raised her left hand in a triumphant thumbs up sign.

The announcer's voice rang out; "The winner of the third bout is Ms Guona by a submission to a Romero hold . Ms Guona now leads Ms Peres by six points to nil - that is by two pins and a submission. The next bout will take place tomorrow evening at the same time in this auditorium."