Benefits of Membership
As a member you will have access to all the stories that have been uploaded to the site since it started in 2001.  As of 2013 that is over 700 stories in total!
The site is updated once a week and updates usually consist of between 60 and 80 full sized pictures, so each month members should be able to see more than 200 new pictures with associated text.

Membership Charge
The membership charge is $13.95 per month payable in advance. The month runs from the day the payment is made until the same time and date in the following month, i.e. if you join at 10 am on 15th June your month's membership runs until 10am on 15th July. At present we only offer a monthly membership rate, we do not offer an annual membership option.
We currently use Verotel as our billing company. When you signup, you are responsible to keep and secure your own account codes and are bound not to share your codes with anyone lest you be in violation of the user agreement and forfeit your membership. Membership fees are for one person, not to be shared by many.
If you have any questions or problems about this process please Contact Us.

Becoming a Member without using a credit card
Occasionally people may wish to pay the membership charge with a cheque or a money order. In such cases you can sign up by sending your payment by post to us.  Contact Us for details.

Username and Password Security
Each member must keep their username and password confidential and they must not pass it to other people. The use of usernames and passwords is monitored to ensure they are not being distributed to non-members. If it is found that a username/password has been distributed to non-members then the use of that membership will be cancelled.

All the pictures and text in the members area are the copyright of Members are free to download all the material on the site and store them on their own PC, etc for their own personal consumption. However, the material must not be distributed, sold, hired or broadcast to other parties without the specific agreement of Merlin or the Webmaster.

Merlin-Kingdom is an "anything goes" site and many of the images depict violent scenes with a strong sexual content. However, no images of children will be used in any of the pictures or texts and no animals will be shown in any sexual situation. It goes without saying that nobody has been harmed or injured in the production of the material on the site.

Please let us know if you spot any issues with the site such broken links, etc. or if you have payment and security issues. We also welcome any comments about the stories or ideas for new stories.   Contact Us here.